Prom / Teen Portraiture

I love to shoot “off to the prom” pictures.  Included are pictures of your teen in their formal dress / suit and pictures of family and friends with them. I will also accompany you to a second location (If your child is the teen boy who picks up his date), in order to get pictures of the prom couple together at the girl’s house.  (Must have permission from the secondary parents).  If I am hired by the prom girl’s parents all the pictures are done on site.  I can and will at your request start photographing at the males house in order to include his family pictures.  Shared photography price: $150.00 each family, the cost of prints is extra and is the price from A&I photographic lab of Los Angeles.  I will deliver a CD, to both families, that includes all of the images taken at both family homes, enhanced and color corrected.   You can then choose which images you would like to have printed.  All images will be printed with archival inks on 100% archival paper .

Each family pays only for the prints they have selected from their CD of images.   The print prices are set by A&I with no extra charges by myself.  I will deliver the prints to you as soon as they are ready.  I consider it an honor to deliver the completed fine / archival photography to my customers.  If treated correctly, your prints should last more than 50 years.

My process includes:

  • Formals of the prom-goer in their formal in the home (several poses)
  • Pictures of mother, father, siblings and other family members with prom-goer
  • Pictures of prom-goer in natural setting (yard, porch, near a tree or with plant setting in background)
  • Prom goer entering vehicle (limousine or car)
  • Prom goer(s) leaving to the prom or to pick up date.

I cover all of Los Angeles and some parts of the I.E.  call me for availability:  818.404.4100 I’d love to hear from you and create artful and eclectic photographs of your child’s special day.


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