Event Photography

Party Photos!

Guests at a recent party in Phillips Ranch, CA


I was talking with an amazing designer friend of mine named Carmello, and realized that I could also be taking pictures at his clients parties!  D’oh., that’s a no-brainer.  Of course if availability allows.  I have done this in the past and have always enjoyed it.  I know how hard it is to host a party (even if the wonderful Carmello is designing it and setting up all of he decor / tables / arrangements and lighting), you have to take care of the bar, the music, make sure the space itself is ready, and handle the invites, the guests, greeting, seating etc.  What host has the time to go around and take pictures of the beautiful event they created? Not many.  And…what host wants to go around with a camera and ignore mingling? Not me! I actually was in this exact situation just two weeks ago, and it was worse because I am a photographer!  I was so busy, so tired and just wanted to relax and enjoy the part that I created, that I maybe shoot about 20 shots and that was it!  If you find yourself planning and know that you also want great photography to document your occasion, call me 818.404.4100.  I would love to help you!  I love parties, people and photography.  It’s one less thing to worry about.  Don’t get stuck with only a few shots because you were too tired to go around getting everyone together, breaking up conversations to gather people, or sneak around people who are talking to ask them to stop and smile.  I know how to do this unobtrusively, in a friendly manner and in a fun way.   Later when it’s all over you will have wonderful pictures that I will even put into an eclectic printed and bound book for you.  Photograph / document all of your parties this way.  It rocks.

Recent Event put on by The City of Diamond Bar, “Halloween Haunt / Fall Fun Festival”  October 31st, 2010

The event was fun, the people were so kind and having such a good time.  I really loved shooting this event.  The people from the City were really nice and were having alot of fun coordinating the Haunted House.  I hear this is an annual event.  The Haunted house is not for kids below 10 though, it’a got clowns, scary babies, A Freddy Kruger character etc.,  REALLY WELL DONE and very inexpensive entrance fee.  Check it out next year.  I assume they’ll be doing it.  Here are more examples of my work (some are the haunted house, the rest are of The Fall Fun Fest.  Cheers! Christina.

The man behind the 'Freddy Kruger' @ The Halloween Haunt of Diamond Bar, CA"The Balloon guy' pretty gregarious, was making everyone smile...


Little Ninja

Fall Fun Fest attendee in costume


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