Family Portraiture

Do you want an eclectic family portrait? Are you tired of the ‘graduation poses’? So am I.  Let’s create a family portrait that fits YOUR personality. I’m talkin’ REAL people here… Let’s do pictures of you and your family with dramatic lighting or ‘off the beaten path’ type of photography.  How about going to a location that your family loves? Does you daughter love the merry-go-round at the pier? we’ll go there and the sweet colorful craftwork of the ride will be the backdrop with it’s whimsical colors and patterns.  Does your son love the beach?  Going somewhere that you and your family feel comfortable in is the best way to create genuine smiles right?

when asked about her 'eclectic' face painting job, this mother replied, " I really wanted my daughter to get her face painted at the festival, but she said, "only if I can paint YOUR face mommy!'

I frequently shoot natural light and fill flash and if’ it’s dusk we can do those ‘illuminated beautiful sunset’ type of shots everyone loves.  It’s fun to get a nice skin tone with good even light on the subject and an awesome sunset in the background!…Think of the possibilities.  We can always shoot in the studio, or use natural light (I have a great big north light window we can use)…Sky’s the limit on how you want to do the shoot.  I’ll have tons of eclectic suggestions that I’ll put in front of you before the shoot.  Call me at 818.404.4100 and we’ll create a basic ‘map of ideas’ for your custom shoot.

Costs for ‘Family Portraiture’

A Mother and her children dress in Harry Potter theme for Diamond Bar's "Fall Fun Festival" October 31, 2010


Cost: $75.00 per hour with no ‘sitting fee’ (travel costs are added if we go on location, and we’re only talking gas to and from)…

This returns a CD of finished color corrected and finalized photography for you to either take to a printer or have me bring to A&I.  I return acid free, archival photographs to you and simply bring you the receipt for the prints for reimbursement.  If you would like me to make a book with all the best photos from the shoot, I can do this for $40.00 extra.

What to wear:  After we decide what type of shots you would like, we will decide on what outfits you and your family should bring or wear.  Basically the days of everyone in blue jeans and white shirts is outdated.  Unless everyone’s got a black Steve Jobs shirt on, then there’s a more contemporary spin, but that’s the only scenario i can muster for the matching blue jeans ‘n shirts thing. Basically I’m against the whole “we’ve all share DNA,  so we all have to look the same to prove it”type of thing.   My feeling is that, yes, everyone can look cohesive but that idea can be conveyed with a common set of colors that are echoed in different patterns and solids and types of clothing against a backdrop that ties it all together.  Let’s have fun!

See you and your family in the studio!

Cheers!  Christina

P.S. I’ll have examples of this genre of portraiture real soon!   Stay tuned!


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