Boudoir portraiture

Wanna give your husband, boyfriend, partner or lover artful images of your beautiful body?

If you’ve got a slim fresh from the gym body, or one that cowers at the sight of the gym.. or are simply in between,  I can bring out the best and sexiest in you!   With artful lighting, sexy lingerie, wonderful make up and an incredible hair stylist on board…

you will end up with heart throbbingly sexy images of you.  Of course we need your input all along the way.  Nobody knows your man better than you!

Since I am expanding my business to include boudoir portraiture, I am offering this service at half price!

What I do:

  • We welcome any woman that wants to celebrate her sexuality and have beautiful artful and sexy photos taken.
  • Boudoir / burlesque photos are also for pregnant women! What better time than pregnancy to celebrate the beauty of your body as it changes and readies to give life? pregnancy boudoir photos are also good for the self-esteem!
  • The studio is closed except to myself and you the model.
  • Pre-shoot, I visit with you to find out what you expect and to inform you of my strengths and how I approach a boudoir session.
  • We discuss the desired imagery you would like to have  (this includes general theme, make up, clothing and props).
  • We look at “The big book of sexy ideas!” to help you decide on poses, themes and clothing or lack of…and to spark new and original ideas.
  • I do a write up on the ideas / poses / clothing that you prefer, and we refer to it at the shoot. Although new ideas always come up and are what it’s all about.
  • I prefer to shoot “classic” “pin-up” or “burlesque” style boudoir imagery, but sky’s the limit, basically its up to you!
  • I do not shoot ‘porn’ or specific adult content.
  • My photography is considered suggestive or even ‘highly suggestive’ but never obscene.
  • Full nudity is not a service we offer, however if the subject is lit and posed in such a way as to be considered “artful” it will be acceptable in the studio, this at times can be a judgement call.
  • Men are never allowed in or near the studio during a boudoir shoot.
  • A shoot is priced by the hour, but has a two hour minimum (the first hour is usually nabbed with hair / makeup and wardrobe selection).
  • A shoot can be as long as 6 hours.  I don’t suggest any longer, the excitement fizzles and you can become “burnt on boudoir”

  • Your files are kept in a separate / secure and password protected folder, and accessible only to me.
  • All editing, color management etc, are done only by myself, not assistants, in complete privacy.
  • You will receive a disk with images that are color managed, edited and enhanced by me for you to peruse.
  • You can then give me the list of images that you wish to have printed.
  • I use A&I in Downtown Los Angeles.  They are a premier facility whom deal and have dealt with world renown artists and commercial photographers for more than 30 years.
  • I will submit your order, the cost of the prints is direct from A&I.
  • I will deliver your order to you.
  • If you wish to have framed prints, I will show you a listing of frame samples, order the frames and frame them for you for a framing fee of $20.00 per print plus the cost of the frame.


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